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PostPosted: 03 Apr 2004 11:01:00 pm    Post subject: UTGamers.com Reply with quote

the instagiber.com community forum, which has thrived at its current home for over two years, will cease to exist in its previous form as of this weekend. the reasons for this are numerous, but in the end i believe it will be a positive change.

we have acquired the "utgamers.com" and "utgamers.net" domains -- the forum has been moved to forum.utgamers.com and will otherwise remain intact. since the domain will change you will need to login again but your usernames and passwords will not change. over the course of the next week or so, i look forward to upgrading the forum and adding some enhancements to the site... additional features and enhancements will be discussed once we're moved in and settled.

it is my intention to keep the utgamers.com domain for the main site and forums... much like how instagiber.com has served us for so long. currently, utgamers.net is pointing to the same location, but i have plans to open that domain up for even more community use (perhaps subdomains for clan usage, email for community members, etc). now, more than ever, will be a community endeavor: wholly owned and operated by the community, in service to community.

as some of you might remember, a couple months ago i brought up the idea of upgrading the forum but nothing happened with it at that time because i got a couple projects to do shortly thereafter. some of you might also recall some discussion about how the name "instagiber" seemed to limit us to one style of play. for the most part, our roots are, and will remain in instagib... but with new modes of gameplay like onslaught in ut2004 which steps away from instagib and toward weapons, and a lot of our long-time clans showing an interest in playing those games, the "instagiber" moniker seemed to apply less and less. a couple months ago when phy and i talked about those issues, we brought up the idea of a new domain name to be more generic for the games we play... but at the time it wasn't really all that important, and again we put it on the back-burner.

i wish i could say that this was all orchestrated to occur like this, planned for weeks by us and us alone. however, that is not the case. as many of you know, raze and i started this community forum together... gradually, raze stepped further and further away from his role here, and i eventually filled in to take over. he purchased the domain name, and said that instagiber.com would be for the community and not a clan... it would be a gift to the community forever, it would belong to the community for as long as it was around. as long as raze was in charge of the domain... that was true. sadly, some months ago as raze continued to step further away from gaming and even his interest in the }i{ clan, he signed over all the domains to neutralgold. at that time, it was expressly stated in no uncertain terms that this domain would never be taken away or held hostage... it belonged to us, the community. i made several attempts, whenever an "issue" happened between the }i{ guys and people over here, to ask raze to sign the domain over to me so that we would be assured our peace of mind and not have the domain ownership held over our heads whenever anybody at }i{ got annoyed with someone in the community, and each time i was told how that would of course never, ever happen and that it would always be okay.

until now. we received word from an unimpeachable community contact that, following }i{'s recent attempt to gain access to the leader forum here, since we did not automatically let them in and had the audacity to discuss it amongst the clan leaders instead of immediately rolling out the red carpet, that the "leadership" at }i{ was incensed and were talking about unilaterally exercising their power to yank the domain away from the community as retaliation.

we, of course, could not allow ourselves to compromise the long-standing integrity of this community when faced with such a threat. for that reason, since the future of the domain was in question, we revisited our initial plans of getting a new domain and simply pushed up the timeline to move. in a way, their antics and threats just made us do what we wanted to do anyway...

when i first announced this in the leaders forum when i was in the process of moving everything and making final preparations, it was not yet known what would happen to our beloved instagiber.com domain. we had hoped that cooler heads would prevail and the domain would remain intact, continuing to point at us for at least a period of weeks or months to smooth the transition for our community members. instead, it appears as though we were right about our fears. i checked the records this morning, and indeed they have hijacked the domain to point to their dns servers instead. in a matter of hours, the instagiber.com domain will no longer to point to us.

it is important to get the word out to your clanmates and friends in the community that utgamers.com is the home for their favorite community forum, and if a site appears at the old domain it is not affiliated with us.

i believe that this new domain name and our planned changes will revitalize the community and open us up to new opportunities and new members... but we won't ever forget our legacy and history at instagiber.com.

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