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Comprehensive Console Command List
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PostPosted: 11 Mar 2004 04:49:31 am    Post subject: Comprehensive Console Command List Reply with quote

This list is from the americasarmy.com forums - thought I would share it


Here is a list that I have compiled from many different sources: Devil_Man, {4077}MrBunnie, DavidCR125, gabbo, RG_Punisher_ , the RPE clan, IntelRecon.com, CGDSaTx, J0hnGalt, =NBK= The $aint, -=BRC=-Tippis, R4G3, General Confufion, [njG]ColeusRattus, FireBuzzard, -MoD-Smoke_em, AtonalPanic, GEN. HAMMOND, Ranger 51, {AwG}JAW, -=UEO=--Sky_Lord-, M203, J-axx, TSO-NoVa, Child of Q, [NH]MainEvent, Thisistname83, inos, =sfs=JohnDoe, {TfC[R]}FluffyBunny, {3CR}commie, {WP}_Gedron, and CappyR[Ancients].
(If I left anyone out I'm sorry)

If you notice any commands that are missing, not up to date, or don't work anymore just tell me and I will update the list and credit you. Also tell me if there are any grammar or spelling errors.

New Things(2/6/04): added lots of new commands posted by CappyR[Ancients], changed ak74 summon

New Things(12/27/03): added pb_sv_homepath, pb_sv_maxConUpdates, PB Power Tips section, and {WP}_Gedron to credits.

New Things(11/20/03): added How to use "Aliases" in User.ini section. Reformated with the new PBCode commands.

New Things(11/15/03): Added Other Weapon Mods sections, changed the AK74SU Weapon Mods section. Fixed the formating to make it work for one post.

New Things(11/12/03): Got rid of the old New Things, Table of Contents added, Disabled Commands section added, added admin connect, put =sfs=JohnDoein credits, put a way how to change the Weapon Mod Sets names thanks to {TfC[R]}FluffyBunny

Table Of Contents
1. Userful Console Commands
2. Single Player Commands
3. Multiplayer Cheat Commands
4. To Practise Solo
5. Summoning Characters
6. Controlling Summoned Characters
7. How To Make Offline Opfor Alive
8. Other Items That May Be Spawned
9. Binding Keys On The Fly In-Game
10. Binding many keys with a Text file
11. Binding Commo Messages to Keys
12. Commo List
13. Actions
14. Video Recording
15. M4A1 Weapon Mods
16. Changing the Weapon Mod Set Names
17. AK74SU Weapon Mods
18. Other Weapon Mods
19. Using Incendiary Grenades On Non SF Maps with Cheats Enabled
20. How to use "Aliases" in User.ini
21. Admin Commands
22. Punk Buster Commands
23. PB Power Tips
24. Cool / Weird Things To Do
25. Previously Working/Disabled Commands
Note: Copy the title of a section, press Ctrl + F, paste it in, and click Find Next.

Make sure there are no extra spaces in any of the commands

1. Useful Commands
agphud 0/1 - Hides/shows HUD
exit - Exit to desktop
quit - Exit to desktop
relaunch - this *should* relaunch the game, but actually it only exits.
flush - Clears out graphics memory
dumpcache - Clears out the cache(not sure which one)
getres - Tells screen resolution and color depth
getcurrentres - Tells the current resolution
setres WxHxD - Set the resolution and color depth. ex: SetRes 800x600x32
memstat - Memory statistics
obj list - Gives a summary of memory usage
netspeed xxxx - Sets netspeed to different setting
lanspeed xxxx - Sets lanspeed to different setting (default is 20000, you shouldn't change this)
open xx.xx.xx.xx - Join a server directly through IP
open xx.xx.xx.xx?password=xxxxx - Join a sever directly through IP where the xxxxx is the password
open xx.xx.xx.xx?admin_password=xxxxx - Join a server as an admin if you put in the admin password
playerlist - Useful to start a votekick on someone with weird characters in their name, you would then votekick ## #" (## = the number beside the playername)(third # = reason for vote kick) to initiate a votekick
reasonlist - Gives the 5 reasons for votekicking
reconnect - Rejoin the server
disconnect - Leave the server
togglefullscreen - Toggle windowed/full-screen mode
preferences - Allows you to see various settings. Do not try to edit Aliases, only keybinds. Sometimes makes game crash.
suicide - To kill yourself
shake X[/] - X is number of seconds. Makes the screen shake for the number of seconds specified
[i]forcereload - Apparently 'Forces' a reload. Unsure if this will overcome the ubiquitous Reload / Run bug.
switchteam - This will actually select the opposite team without ever having to bring down the F3 menu
setsensitivity X - Does exactly what it says, Sets Mouse sensitivity to X
setmousesmoothing X - Unsure what exactly changing this variable will do. Cappy did not note any change in mouse dynamics
setsmoothingstrength X - Sets mouse smoothing strength to this number
setsmoothingmode <0 or 1> - Turns on or off the two smoothing variables. NOT related to 'reduce mouse lag'
keybinding <key> - Shows the keybinding for that particular key.
stat fps - Provides frames per second
stat net - Provides connection info
stat game - Provides performance timings in milliseconds
stat render - Provides rendering information
stat hardware - Provides in-depth modeling information
stat karma - Provides Karma infomation
stat all - Provides large (HUGE) amounts of game info
stat none - Shuts stat info off
report - this generates a text string that you can copy and past into a text document giving the following information:

Version: Oct 16 2003 18:15:34
Player class: StudentController
URL: bridge?Name=Recruit?Class=AGP_Characters.AGP_Character?team=255
Location: 0 0 0
Game class: AGP_GameSinglePlayer
Difficulty: 0

Location is always 0, 0, 0. However URL is dynamic and will display a server IP if you are playing online.

2. Single Player Commands
behindview 1/0 - For 3rd person on/off
freecamera 1/0 - For 3rd person, independently rotating view on/off
fly - To fly
ghost - To fly through objects
fov X (FOV 85 is default) - To change field of view
playersonly - Toggles freezing effects(ex: muzzle flash)
slomo X = (SLOMO 1 is default) - To change timerate
setspeed X = (1 is default) - To change player speed
setjumpz X = (325 is default) - To change player jump
walk - puts you back on the ground, counters fly/ghost
deathstalker - Toggle unlimited ammo on/off
entropy - Toggle invincibility on/off
SetCameraDist(#) - Set camera distance
CheatView(x) - See what actor x‘s view is
Changesize – change players size, 1 is default
ViewSelf - Target Camera on player
Amphibious - Underwater mode (it says it works but it realy wont do anything)
Invisible - Toggle Invisibility
AllAmmo - Give player ammo for all weapons (says it works but does nothing)
wpnrecoil - Toggle recoil on/off
changewpnfov X (FOV 85 is default) - To change field of view
judas - Toggle perfect accuracy
wpnaccuracy - Toggle perfect accuracy
rend perbone - Adds wireframe to the characters body kinda, not sure exactly, see it with behindview or freecamera
rend skin - Toggles skin. Doens't render enemies, only renders teammates that have helmets, and the bullets that they have in their gun's chamber.
teleport - Teleports your player to the place on the map you are looking. Doesn't go through the fog and don't look up high unless you have god on(or want to die)
switchlevel <mapname> - Goes to the map specified
[i]freezeframe X - X is number of seconds. Freezes the frame after X amount of seconds
lockcamera - Detaches the player from the camera. The camera sits where the player was last looking and the player is free to roam.
setgravity X - +X for antigravity, -X for standard gravity. I think -1000 is default
viewbots - Views from the next summoned character
viewclass <class> - Goes to that particular class of character

3. Multiplayer Cheat Commands
mpcheat class X where X is a command below
(Note: Do NOT change class before jumping out of the airplane in airborne missions.)
r - M16A2
m - Modded M4 without M4 Mods
m4m - Modded M4 with m4 Mods
m4a1auto - Ranger M4A1
ma - Ranger M4A1
ar - M249
g - M16A2/M203
at4 - AT4
s - M82
s24 - M24
spr - Special Purpose Rifle
m9 - M9 Pistol
b - Shotgun
sf - Modded M4A1 (or AK74SU)
ak - AK47
ak74su - AK74
gp - AK w/ launcher
rpg - RPG7
rpk - RPK Light Machine Gun
svd - Dragunov sniper rifle
mos - Mosin-nagant sniper rifle
v - VSS "Vintorez"
sl - Squad Leader
ft - Fireteam Leader
rct - recruit (no weapons)

mpcheat binoc - To get regular binoculars
mpcheat binoc 1 - To get regular binoculars
mpcheat binoc 2 - To get Radio Tower binoculars
mpcheat freecamera 1/0 - 3rd person, independently rotating camera on/off
mpcheat behindview 1/0 - 3rd person, dependently rotating camera on/off
mpcheat god - To get god mode
mpcheat ghost - To get ghost mode
mpcheat nvg - To get night vision goggles
mpcheat walk - Puts you back on the ground, counters fly/ghost
mpcheat medic - To get medic patches
mpcheat medic X - To get the specified number of medic patches when X is a #(max is 254)
mpcheat paramsammo 1/0 - for ulimited ammo on/off
mpcheat fov X (90 is default) - To change field of view
mpcheat slomo X (1 is default - To change the speed of the game

4. To Practice Solo
Most of the following commands will NOT work on a multiplayer server even if cheats are enabled.

Hit ~ or TAB to bring down console.
Type open mapname where mapname is a map below

Online Maps

Training Maps

Type mpcheat class x where x is one of the following listed classes
(Note: Do NOT change class before jumping out of the airplane in airborne missions.)
r - M16A2
m - Modded M4 without M4 Mods
m4m - Modded M4 with m4 Mods
m4a1auto - Ranger M4A1
ma - Ranger M4A1
ar - M249
g - M16A2/M203
at4 - AT4
s - M82
s24 - M24
spr - Special Purpose Rifle
m9 - M9 Pistol
b - Shotgun
sf - Modded M4A1 (or AK74SU)
ak - AK47
ak74su - AK74
gp -AK w/ launcher
rpg - RPG7
rpk - RPK Light Machine Gun
svd - Dragunov sniper rifle
mos - Mosin-nagant sniper rifle
v - VSS "Vintorez"
sl - Squad Leader
ft - Fireteam Leader
rct - recruit (no weapons)

5. Summoning Characters
summon agp_characters.npc_medinstructor
summon agp_characters.npc_nurse
summon agp_characters.npc_specialforces
summon agp_characters.npc_medstudent
summon agp_characters.npc_student
summon agp_characters.npc_drillinstructor
summon agp_characters.npc_ambient
summon agp_characters.npc_soldier
summon agp_characters.npc_civilian
summon agp_characters.npc_doctor
summon agp_characters.npc_flightcrew
summon agp_characters.npc_towerobserver
summon agp_characters.npc_towerobserverfemale
summon agp_characters.npc_airbornesoldier
summon agp_characters.npc_airborneinstructor
summon agp_characters.npc_virtualgeorge
summon agp_characters.agp_character
killpawns - To remove all practice dummies
walk - Makes some dummies come alive

6. Controlling Summoned Characters
After summoning one of the characters above type: avatar agp_characters.npc_NAME. Once you hit enter you will go to the other body. You can see your other body standing there. Use Freecamera and behind view to see a good view of your body. Not all of the characters work the same like nurse and virtualgeorge so just test them out. I tried it with the civilian and several others so I think they all work just differently. If you have more then one of the same pawn just use avatar with the same character code again and it will switch you bethween them. To get back to your original body use the character pawn(as long as he isn't dead).

7. How to Make Offline Opfor Alive
First summon the agp_characters.npc_soldier. You can have one or many. WARNING: You can spawn as many as you want and your framrate should stay normal, but if you spawn too many and then make them come to life your game might slow down to almost stopped. If this happens use the "killpawns" command. After you have summoned them move away cause they will shoot at you right away when you make them alive or you could type mpcheat god or god so you won't die from the shots. Then type walk and they will yell in opforeign then pull out an AK47. They will not move from where they are spawned. If you place one right behind the other and stand infront of one of them the one on the other side of the one in front of you will be shot be the other. They are not that smart yet as they are still being coded. After you kill them you can type walk" to make them come back to life. Sometimes the opfor will walk around.

The agp_characters.npc_doctor will sometimes follow you around if you make him come to life like the opfor above. Then you hit the action button (default is e) your player will yell "Move Out". Sometimes he will follow and sometimes he doesn't. If you go up to him and hit action again your player will yell "Stop" and it makes him stop following you.

8. Other Items That May be Spawned
(Some of these might not work. If anyone finds a way to get them to work tell me. Don't say anything if you just can't get it to work.)

summon agp_inventory.PickupW_M16A2_Rifle - M16 Rifle
summon agp_inventory.PickupW_GP30_Gren - GP30 Grenader
summon agp_inventory.PickupW_M82_Sniper - M82 Sniper Rifle
summon agp_inventory.PickupW_RPK_SAW - RPK SAW
summon agp_inventory.PickupW_M4A1_Auto_Rifle - M4A1 Rifle
summon agp_inventory.PickupW_M249_SAW - M249 SAW
summon agp_inventory.PickupW_M24_Sniper - M24 Sniper Rifle
summon agp_inventory.PickupW_M203_Gren - M203 Grenader
summon agp_inventory.PickupW_AK74su_Rifle - AK74 Rifle
summon agp_inventory.PickupW_AK47_Rifle - Ak47 Rifle
summon agp_inventory.PickupW_MosinNagant_Sniper - Mosin Nagent Sniper Rifle
summon agp_inventory.PickupW_SVD_Sniper - Dragonuv Sniper Rifle
summon agp_inventory.PickupW_AT4_Rocket - AT4 Rocket Launcher
summon agp_inventory.PickupW_RPG7_Rocket - RPG7 Rocket Launcher
summon agp_inventory.PickupW_M870_Shotgun - Shotgun
summon agp_inventory.PickupW_M9_Pistol - M9 Pistol
summon agp_inventory.PickupW_SPR_Sniper - SPR Sniper Rifle
summon agp_inventory.PickupW_Vintorez_Sniper - Vintorez Sniper Rifle

summon agp_inventory.PickupT_M67_Frag - Frag Grenade
summon agp_inventory.PickupT_M83_Smoke - Smoke Grenade
summon agp_inventory.PickupT_M84_Stun - Flash Grenade
summon agp_inventory.PickupT_M14_Incendiary - Incendiary Grenade
summon agp_inventory.PickupT_MILES_Grenade - Miles Frag Grenade
summon agp_inventory.PickupT_RGD5_Frag - Enemy Frag Grenade

summon agp_inventory.PickupAmmo_40mm_1_Gren - 40 mm Grenade
summon agp_inventory.PickupAmmo_556mm_20_Mag - M16 Training Ammo
summon agp_inventory.PickupAmmo_556mm_30_Mag - M4/16 ammo
summon agp_inventory.PickupAmmo_556mm_200_Belt - M249 ammo
summon agp_inventory.PickupAmmo_762mm_100_Drum - RPK ammo
summon agp_inventory.pickupammo_545mm_30_mag - AK47/AK74 ammo
summon agp_inventory.PickupAmmo_762mm_5_Rounds - M24/MOS ammo
summon agp_inventory.PickupAmmo_127mm_10 - M82/SVD ammo
summon agp_inventory.PickupAmmo_30mm_1_gren - GP30 ammo
summon agp_inventory.PickupAmmo_RPG7_PG7B - RPG ammo
summon agp_inventory.PickupAmmo_12gauge_7_rounds- Shotgun ammo
summon agp_inventory.PickupAmmo_9x19mm_15_mag - M9 ammo

If you plan to summon more than one of the items, your job can be made much easier by binding the summon to a key. This can be done in two different ways.

1.) Open User.ini and change one of the keys to something like:
7=summon agp_characters.npc_soldier

2.) If you know a key you want to bind is unused, you may also bind it using the console by typing the following command:
bind <key> <command>
example: bind 7 summon agp_characters.npc_soldier

When solo, hit "7" key (in this example) to make practice dummies. Note that dummies won't spawn if there isn't room for them in the space you're trying to put them. Also, a dummy's arms are straight out until they take damage. Be sure to backup User.ini before editing.

If you manage to somehow kill yourself, simply pull up the console and type "reconnect" to restart the map

9. Binding Keys on the Fly In-Game
Hit ~ to bring down console.
bind <key> <command>

bind x say Good Job

Your "x" key is now permanently bound (User.ini modified) to say "Good Job". You can, of course, rebind it to something else at any time. It will replace the old bind you had there if any. This will mess you up if you bind it to a movement key. You will then have to go to the settings panel and change it back or type bind <key> <movement name> to fix it.

10. Binding many keys with a Text file
Eventually, you may find that you have more bindings then keys, especially if you make make-specific binds. In order to get around this problem, you can load binds with a text file.

<key>=exec FILENAME.txt

Within FILENAME.txt would look like the following:
bind <key> <command>
bind <key> <command>
bind <key> <command>

X=exec mybinds.txt

Within mybinds.txt would look like the following:
bind Y Say Hello world
bind Z Say Hi there

When I load the game, hitting Y will do nothing. But if I hit my X key, it will bind Y to
say "Hello World". Using multiple .txt files, you can swap large numbers of binds in and
out of your User.ini file.

11. Binding Commo Messages to Keys
<key>=commo<list> | CommoSendMessage <x> where list is radio, shout, whipser, squad, or hand
and x is 1 through 28

k=commohand | CommoSendMessage 6

Now for you own:

<key>=CommoHand | CommoSendMessage 1
^ Problem with the above is that it leaves the commo mode in CommoHand

<key>=CommoHand | CommoSendMessage 1 | CommoRadio
^ but now there's a problem here to. Now it leaves the Radio menu open and you have to hit a key to shut it.
Proper fix:

<key>=CommoHand | CommoSendMessage 1 | CommoRadio | CommoSendMessage 99
This works correctly by sending a bogus commosendmessage to CommoRadio.

12. Commo List
Each of "commowhisper", "commoshout", "commoradio", and "commoglobal" has an associated chat mode. You can bind these to keys using:
<key>=commowhisper | Talk
<key>=commoshout | Talk
<key>=commoradio | Talk
<key>=commoglobal | Talk

For use with CommoSendMessage x where x is a number listed below

Hand signals
1 - Move out
2 - Stop
3 - Get down
4 - Look this way
5 - Ready
6 - Double time
8 - Affirm
9 - Negative

Squad Commands
1 - Squad, form up!
2 - Squad, spread out!
3 - Fall back! Fall back!
4 - Squad, Open fire
5 - Squad, Cease fire
6 - Squad, Hold this position
7 - Squad, Report in
8 - Squad, Silence! Silence!
9 - Squad, Operate as a unit
10 - There's no I in team
11 - That may be your way, but it's not the army way
12 - What are you doing solider?
13 - Hit the dirt!
14 - Stay down
15 - Grandma was slow but she was old
16 - That don't make no sense at all
17 - Good job soldier!
18 - Great job team!

1 - Move out
2 - Stop
3 - Cover me
4 - Enemy spotted
5 - Take cover
6 - Enemy down
7 - Area secure
8 - Roger
9 - Negative
10 - Up
11 - Down
12 - Left
13 - Right
14 - North
15 - South
16 - East
17 - West
18 - Hooah
19 - Sniper
20 - Frag'em
21 - Smoke'em
22 - Flash'em
23 - Grenade
24 - Ready
25 - I'm hit
26 - Get the door
27 - Check your flanks
28 - Psst - Whisper; Frag Out - Shout; Beeps - Radio
31 - Stop so I can Treat You
32 - Medic! [Position]

13. Actions
Action - Open doors, take objectives, etc...
AGPMainMenu - AA main menu
AltFire - Alternate fire mode
Binoculars - Selects Binoculars (SGT/FTL only)
Brightness - Changes screen brightness
CallMedic - Player yells "Medic" if injured
CommoCycle - Cycles through commos
CommoGlobal - Global (seen by all players (all LIVE players if you are dead))
CommoHand - Hand signal commos
CommoRadio - Radio commos
CommoShout - Shout commos (Heard by all in range)
CommoSquad - Squad commos
CommoWhisper - Whisper commos (Heard by all in range)
Console - Pull up the console
Contrast - Changes monitor contrast
Crawling - Prone/Standing toggle
Crosshair - Change crosshair
Crouching - Crouch/Standing toggle
FastMove - Toggle run/walk
Fire - Fire Weapon (must be bound to key)
Fixjam - Fix jammed weapon
Flush - flushes graphics useful for lowend systems
FreeLook - Free look
Gamma - Changes monitor gamma
Grenadeflash - Select flash grenade
Grenadefrag - Select fragmentation grenade
Grenadesmoke - Select smoke grenade
Jump - Jump
LeanLeft - Lean/roll left
LeanRight - Lean/roll right
LeftRail - Activate mod on the left rail
LookDown - Moves aimpoint down
LookUp - Moves aimpoint up
MoveBackward - Move backwards
MoveForward - Move forwards
NV - Night vision goggles
Pause - Pauses single player game
PlayerList - Shows list of players
Quit - Exit America's Army
Reload - Reload weapon
ReportIn - Reports in your current location to team
Resolution - Change screen resolution
Reasonlist - Shows reasons for kicking a player
RightRail - Activate mod on the right rail
Say - Prompts for text message
SelectClass - Shows the weapons selection screen
SelectTeam - Shows the team selection screen
SetIndex 0 - Changes M4 Mod set to number 1
SetIndex 1 - Changes M4 Mod set to number 2
SetIndex 2 - Changes M4 Mod set to number 3
SetIndex 3 - Changes M4 Mod set to number 4
SetIndex 4 - Changes M4 Mod set to number 5
SetSquadTarget - Sets squad objective
Shot - Takes a Screenshot (Saved as .bmp in Army Operations/ScreenShots directory)
ShowObjectives - Shows mission objectives
ShowScores - Shows scores and most teammates/opponents
SkinTonePref - =None/Light/Medium/Dark
Strafe - set strafe mode on/off
StrafeLeft - Strafe left
StrafeRight - Strafe right
Suicide - Kill yourself
SupportedFire - Switch to supported fire/grenade mode (M249, M24, M82, M203, GP30 only)
Suppressor - Puts the suppressor on the modified M4
SwapHands - Shoulder/unshoulder weapon
Talk - Prompts for text message
TeamSay - Prompts for text message that only your team sees
TeamTalk - Prompts for text message that only your team sees
ThrowWeapon - Drops weapon to ground
TurnLeft - Turns aimpoint left
TurnRight - Turns aimpoint right
Turn180 - Turns character 180 degrees around
UseJoyStick - Enable JoySticks
Votekick - Initiate/add a vote to a votekick
Zoom - Brings up sights/scope

14. Video Recording
demorec <filename> -records the demo
demoplay <filename> - playbacks the demo file
stopdemo - halts the recording
It is not fully inplemented yet but it should work.

15. M4A1 Weapon Mods
All you do is go to the Personal Jacket tab on the main Americas Army. Then you click the Weapon Mod tab on the top. You can have up to 5 sets of mods. Only the available mods are shown. If you feel like editing the WeaponMods.ini file, you can use the information below. Make sure there are no extra spaces at the ends of the lines after pasting the text. There should be one extra space on each line at the end after pasting.

Slot 0=Top Rail
Slot 1=Front Rail
Slot 2=Left Rail
Slot 3=Right Rail
Slot 4=Bottom Rail
Slot 5=Barrel

Slot 0

Slot 1

Slot 2

Slot 3

Slot 4

Slot 5

Mods in 1.9, currently not working

It works like Slot_<SLOT>_(<INDEX>)=<MOD> where <SLOT> is the mod slot, <INDEX> is the index of the set of mods and <MOD> is one of the listed mods. Mods only work on some slots, like the M203 and the Harris Bipod work on slot 4 and no others. To change from one index of the gun to another type SetIndex <X> where <X> is an index to use that set of mods, then type mpcheat changeclass m4m to get the modified m4 with the new index settings put on it. You type suppressor to toggle the suppressor on and off. The laser and flashlight are probably activated by typeing leftrail and rightrail, but I don't think the code has been added for them yet because they do nothing. Another cool thing is that they work on cheat servers too, so you can play online with modified m4's.

16. Changing the Weapon Mod Set Names Thanks to {TfC[R]}FluffyBunny for this
There will be info inbetween the IndexName(#)=SetName stuff for the mods on each set. Some of them will be bunched togeher if there are more than one set with the same mods. You just rename the parts where it says Set #. You can put this in your WeaponMods.ini

IndexName(4)=All Rounder

This will change the names of the selections on the Weapon Mods menu ingame to Basic, Sniper, Grenades, Flares and All Rounder, or you can change them to whatever you want.

17. AK74SU Weapon Mods Thanks to inos for this
You can get the AK74SU if you mod the WeaponMods.ini file with the stuff below. You can have both the AK74SU and M4A1 mods in the same file. Just use setweapon agp_inventory.weapon_ak74su_rifle to switch to the AK74SU, and setweapon agp_inventory.weapon_m4a1_rifle_mod. Use class sf to get the mods. After switching from the AK to the M4, or vise-versa, you need to use class sf again. Make sure there are no extra spaces at the ends of the lines after pasting the text. There should be one extra space on each line at the end after pasting. It seems that only Set 1 works, so maybe someone can figure the others out.


IndexName(0)=Set 1
IndexName(1)=Set 2
IndexName(2)=Set 3
IndexName(3)=Set 4
IndexName(4)=Set 5

Slot 0=Top Rail
Slot 1=Front Rail
Slot 2=Left Rail
Slot 3=Right Rail
Slot 4=Bottom Rail
Slot 5=Barrel

Mods Available:
Slot 0

Slot 1

Slot 2

Slot 3

Slot 4

Slot 5

18. Other Weapon Mods Thanks to inos for this
You can put other weapons in the WeaponMods.ini file. The only other weapons modable are the SPR and Vintorez. They only have one setup.



You can also put other weapons so when you use class sf you start with it. You don't have to have the mod stuff with it. Here is how the shotgun would work:

It's basically just the code you use to summon, but you put AGP_Inventory.Weapon_<weapon>_<weaponname>

19. Using Incendiary Grenades On Non SF Maps with Cheats Enabled
This will only work on cheat enabled servers that do not have MILES enabled(lazer tag). When you are playing type paramsammo 1. Then press 5 you will pull out the grenade. They are very useful for putting at the objective of the other team and blocking doorways. A good example is Pipeline.

20. How to use "Aliases" in User.ini Thanks to -=UEO=-Sky_Lord- for this

X is the number of the alias.
You can have 40 of them (0-39), the game uses a default of 32 (0-31) aliases by himself, but you can lower it to only 11 without affecting anything by using the list below:

Aliases[0]=(Command="Button bFire | Fire",Alias="Fire")
Aliases[1]=(Command="Button bAltFire | AltFire",Alias="AltFire")
Aliases[2]=(Command="Axis aBaseY Speed=+300.0",Alias="MoveForward")
Aliases[3]=(Command="Axis aBaseY Speed=-300.0",Alias="MoveBackward")
Aliases[4]=(Command="Axis aStrafe Speed=-300.0",Alias="StrafeLeft")
Aliases[5]=(Command="Axis aStrafe Speed=+300.0",Alias="StrafeRight")
Aliases[6]=(Command="Jump | Axis aUp Speed=+300.0",Alias="Jump")
Aliases[7]=(Command="Button bAction | Action",Alias="Action")
Aliases[8]=(Command="Button bLeanRight | LeanRight",Alias="LeanRight")
Aliases[9]=(Command="Button bLeanLeft | LeanLeft",Alias="LeanLeft")
Aliases[10]=(Command="Button bSprint | Sprint",Alias="Sprint")

Y are the commands that are done when the Alias is trigger, it is the same as what goes after the "=" for the normal binds (<key>=Y)

Z is the name of the alias, this how you call him. When you bind a key to Z, the commands Y will happen.

Aliases[32]=(Command="ReportIn | CommoSendMessage 3",Alias="CoverMeW")
This is Alias number 32.
To call it you do something like:
When you press enter this is what will happen:
ReportIn | CommoSendMessage 3

If you need any of it to be clearified more, PM -=UEO=--Sky_Lord- or myself.

21. Admin Commands
Admin spectate [ <playername> | <playerID>] - Spectate a named player. Note that when a round ends, the target you are spectating is lost and you must re-issue the spectate command to go back into spectate mode.

Admin a_switchteam <playername> | <playerID> - Switches the team of the specified player (either from Assault to Defense, or vice-versa.) The team switch happens at the beginning of the next round. This is merely a request to change the team of the named player. Other mitigating factors may prevent this player’s team from actually changing the next round.

Admin a_open <mapname> OR Admin a_map <mapname> OR Admin switch <mapname> - Opens a new map. These commands can all be used interchangeably. mapname: the name of the map to open.

Admin restartmap - Restarts the current map.

Admin forceclass (<playername> | <playerID>) <class> - Immediately changes the class of the specified player. The class is specified using one of the following abbreviations:
r - M16A2
m - Modded M4 without M4 Mods
m4m - Modded M4 with m4 Mods
m4a1auto - Ranger M4A1
ma - Ranger M4A1
ar - M249
g - M16A2/M203
at4 - AT4
s - M82
s24 - M24
spr - Special Purpose Rifle
m9 - M9 Pistol
b - Shotgun
sf - Modded M4A1 (or AK74SU)
ak - AK47
ak74su - AK74
gp -AK w/ launcher
rpg - RPG7
rpk - RPK Light Machine Gun
svd - Dragunov sniper rifle
mos - Mosin-nagant sniper rifle
v - VSS "Vintorez"
sl - Squad Leader
ft - Fireteam Leader
rct - recruit (no weapons)

Admin kickban [ <playername>| <playerID> ] - Kicks the specified player from the server, and then adds his IP address to the banlist file.

Admin kick [ <playername>| <playerID> ] - Kicks the specified player from the server.

Admin say <message> - Uses the chat to message players.

Admin message <message> - This is similar to admin say, except that the message is delivered in big text to the middle of the screen. Everyone receives the message.

Admin mute <playername> | <player ID> | all - Mutes the chat specified player. This is a server mute and no players can see what he types. This doesn't affect other Admins or SuperUsers. playername | player ID: mutes the specified player. all: mutes everyone on the server. Using it again unmutes the specified player or all.

Admin deathmessages 1 | on | 0 | off - Turns death and damage messages off for all players. 1/on: Turns messages on. 0/off: Turns messages off. When changing this setting via the console, your preference is automatically saved in your ArmyOps.ini file. However, if you wish to change the ArmyOps.ini file directly, the variable to look for is bDeathMessages.

Admin score 1 | on | 0 | off | round | match - Turns the scoreboard on and off. Scoreboard can be displayed at the end of a round, end of a match, or never. Note that certain UI changes mean that even with the scoreboard disabled, players can still (currently) switch to the scoreboard from the weapon selection screen. 1/on: Turns the scoreboard on. 0/off: Turns the scoreboard off. round: Shows scoreboard at end of round only. match: Shows scoreboard at end of match only. When score mode ‘round’ or ‘match’ are specified, the score will be displayed at the appropriate time. The client can then hit ESC to close the score screen, or can wait until the beginning of the next round at which time the score screen will automatically be closed. When changing this setting via the console, your preference is automatically saved in your ArmyOps.ini file. However, if you wish to change the ArmyOps.ini file directly, the variable to look for is ScoreMode and the possible values are: SSM_On, SSM_Off, SSM_Round, and SSM_Match.

Admin motd self | all | <text> - Sets or displays the message of the day. self: displays message of the day to admin only. all: Displays message of the day to all players. text: The text string to set as the message of the day. We currently have 4 MOTD lines that can be set in ArmyOps.ini. These lines are displayed when a client logs into a server (if they are not blank.) Using the admin motd command to set the MOTD only sets the first line of the MOTD (in the ini file, it’s called MOTDLine1). Similarly, when the self or all parameters are specified, only MOTDLine1 will be displayed. All four lines will still be displayed when a client logs into a server for the first time (provided they aren’t blank.)

Admin roekicktimer 1 | on | 0 | off - Turns on or off the ROE kick timer at the beginning of the round. 1/on: Turns the ROE kick timer on. 0/off: Turns the ROE kick timer off. Note that entering this command has an immediate effect (i.e. the server doesn’t wait until the start of the next round to use the new value). When changing this setting via the console, your preference is automatically saved in your ArmyOps.ini file. However, if you wish to change the ArmyOps.ini file directly, the variable to look for is bEnableROEKickTimer.

Admin roekick 1 | on | 0 | off - Turns on or off the ROE kick functionality for players exceeding max ROE. 1/on: Turns on ROE kick. 0/off: Turns off ROE kick. The effect of this command is immediate. When changing this setting via the console, your preference is automatically saved in your ArmyOps.ini file. However, if you wish to change the ArmyOps.ini file directly, the variable to look for is bEnableROEKick.

Admin roekickdead 1 | on | 0 | off - If enabled, instead of a player being kicked for an ROE penalty, they will be killed. 1/on: Turns ROE kick dead feature on. 0/off: Turns ROE kick dead feature off. The damage type used to kill the offending player is suicide, so to other players it may seem like the culprit killed himself. However, the player gaining the ROE sees a specific message telling him he is being killed due to ROE. When changing this setting via the console, your preference is automatically saved in your ArmyOps.ini file. However, if you wish to change the ArmyOps.ini file directly, the variable to look for is bEnableROEKickDeath.

Admin pb_sv_ enable | disable - Enable enables punkbuster for the server, disable disables punkbuster for the server.

Admin pb_sv_gameauth 0/1 - Enables or disables authorization for a server. 0 stops pb from kicking even with auth off.

22. Punk Buster Commands
pb_sv_task <start-seconds> <optional-run-every-seconds> - This allows server admins to set a task starting from a specified time in seconds and then running again every x seconds there after. If no re-run value is specified then the task is only run once. This feature is not limited to PB functions and can run in-game functions as well. You may use more than one task if you like. Example:

pb_sv_task 10 300 "say ^3Visit us at www.yourwebsite.com"
pb_sv_task 15 305 "say ^5Email server admins: admin@yoursite.com"
pb_sv_task 700 "pb_sv_bindsrch com_maxfps"
pb_sv_task 700 "pb_sv_bindsrch m_pitch"

This will spam your two messages on screen and re run them at the specified times. The last two will run a bind-cvar check once only.

pb_sv_tlist - Shows what tasks you have running and shows you what slot number each task is assigned to.

pb_sv_taskdel <slot#> - Deletes a task in your list of tasks by slot number. This is useful in keeping multiple tasks from piling up and repeating themselves. In your pbsv.cfg you should insert this command right before your list of tasks to make sure you start off clear. Example:

pb_sv_TaskDel 1
pb_sv_TaskDel 2
pb_sv_TaskDel 3
pb_sv_TaskDel 4

Name Management
pb_sv_badname <grace-seconds> <filter> - This command will allow you to filter out certain text in names, then give the player x seconds to change the name before being removed from the server. Here are some examples:

pb_sv_badname 30 www.
pb_sv_badname 30 .com
pb_sv_badname 30 UnnamedPlayer
pb_sv_badname 30 ogc
pb_sv_badname 30 noskill
pb_sv_badname 30 noname

The first two lines prevent people from using your severs to advertise web sites. The others are just suggested filters and can be adjusted to your preferences. They are all set to give the player 30 seconds of warnings before they are removed from the server.

pb_sv_badnamelist - Lists all the bad names in your check list and shows you each lines assigned slot number.

pb_sv_badnameDel <slot#> - Deletes a name in your list of bad names by slot number. This is useful in keeping multiple bad names from piling up and repeating themselves. In your pbsv.cfg you should insert this command right before your list of bad names to make sure you start off clear.

pb_sv_badnameDel 1
pb_sv_badnameDel 2
pb_sv_badnameDel 3
pb_sv_badnameDel 4
pb_sv_badnameDel 5
pb_sv_badnameDel 6
pb_sv_badname 30 www.
pb_sv_badname 30 .com
pb_sv_badname 30 UnnamedPlayer
pb_sv_badname 30 ogc
pb_sv_badname 30 noskill
pb_sv_badname 30 noname

pb_sv_changePeriod 10 - Amount of seconds allowed between name changes, prevents name spamming.

pb_sv_changeMax 5 - Number of total allowed name changes per session.

pb_sv_dupNameGrace 20 - Amount of time (in seconds) that a duplicate name has to be changed before that player is removed from the server. This ensures that all players on the server have a unique name.

pb_sv_extChar 0 - Control of extended characters in names (characters and symbols that can not be produced from a single key stroke.) 0 to disallow such names. 1 to allow these names.

pb_sv_emptyname 0 - Control the option of a an empty name (no name at all). 0 will not allow an empty string to be returned for a name value. 1 will allow an empty string.

pb_sv_minName 1 - Dictates the minimum amount of actual characters a players name must have to be allowed on the server. This will double check the above pb_sv_emptyname 0 to make sure a player doesn't enter ^7^7 as a name (which satisfies the pb_sv_emptyname 0 but still returns an empty string to the console.) Set this to one to make sure that a player has at least one standard character in their name.

Guid Settings
Pb_sv_noguidgrace 30 - Number of seconds that a player with no guid is kicked (0 - 300) We recommend giving players 30 seconds or so in case of slow communication rate with the master auth server.

pb_sv_updategrace 300 - Number of seconds that a player with a "no updated status" has to update before being kicked (300 - 600)

pb_sv_guidrelax 7 - This setting was added to server version 1.011 to set options for the locked-down guid system. This setting is cumulative based on adding the values for the conditions desired: 1=UNKN Guid, 2=WRONGIP Guid, 4=DUPLICATE Guids. The current default for this setting is 7 (1+2+4) which means that PB will not kick (relax kicking) for any of the three cases. We recommend kicking for at least UNKN guids. Below are the possible combinations:

0= Kick for UNKN guid, wrong ip guid and duplicate guid.
1= Kick for wrong ip guid and duplicate guid.
2= Kick for UNKN guid, and duplicate guid.
3= Kick for duplicate guid.
4= Kick for UNKN guid and wrong ip guid.
5= Kick for wrong ip guid.
6= Kick for UNKN guid
7= Don't kick for UNKN guid, wrong ip guid and duplicate guid.

These values are bitmapped and work like the games FLAGS system, but since they are used to "relax" or disable instead of enable, they are reversed in the sense that you don't add up the numbers but rather subtract them.

Auto Kicking
pb_sv_CQC 1 - This allows admins to turn off / on the feature that shows players why they were kicked (bad name, cvar violation, hook, no guid, etc.) We recommend leaving this ON, so people can see why they were kicked. 1 is ON and 0 is OFF.

pb_sv_KickLen 10 - When kicked from the server for a violation (bad name, cvar violation, hook, no guid, etc.) this is the time (in minutes) that person must wait before they can re-join the server.

Manual Screen Shots
To manually take a screen shot, in game from your console of all players, the command is:

To manually take a screen shot of a specific player, get all the players slot numbers by doing a pb_sv_plist [enter] and when you get the slot number of the person you want to take a screen shot of ( lets say its player number 4 ) type:
pb_sv_getss 4

Automatic Screen Shots
To set up your server to take automatic screen shots, you will need to use and understand the following commands in your pbsv.cfg.
pb_sv_autoss 1 - This setting tells your PB enabled server whether it should retrieve screen shots automatically. Setting to 1 will turn the auto screen shot capture ON and setting it to 0 will turn it OFF. The default is OFF.

pb_sv_autossfrom 60 - This is the MINIMUM number ( in seconds ) that PB will wait after taking a screen shot from players, before attempting to take another one. The default is 60 seconds. Remember that taking screen shots from every player every 60 seconds will rack up a nice number of screen shots in your PB's screen shots folder and use plenty of system resources, sometimes resulting in lag. If there are 10 players on your server and the map lasts 10 minutes, you will be getting 100 screen shots per map. Be careful with this setting. Some recommended settings and samples will be presented at the end of this page.

pb_sv_autossto 1200 - This is the MAXIMUM number ( in seconds ) that PB will wait after taking a screen shot from players, before attempting to take another one. The default is 1200 ( 20 minutes. ) Some recommended settings and samples will be presented at the end of this page.

pb_sv_ssfloor 1 PB - screen shots are taken and then saved numerically. This is the "starting" number that PB will use to name screen shots. Default is 1.

pb_sv_ssceiling 100 - This is the highest number PB screen shots will be saved. After screen shot #100, PB will over write the screen shots starting at your pb_sv_ssfloor setting. Default is 100 but this could easily be reached in a few hours. Some recommended settings and samples will be presented at the end of this page.

pb_sv_ssdelay 0 - Each player will have to wait a random amount of seconds ( up to the number of this setting ) before actually sending the screen shot after the request has been made. This *may* help reduce lag, as all players don't have to send their shots and then get processed and written at the same time, rather they get done randomly within the time frame set. On the other hand, it may cause more lag ( lets say set to 5 ) from screen shots being sent and processed over a longer period of time ( processing 20 players over a 5 second period, rather than an instantaneous "glitch" from all 20 being done at the same time.) Default is 0 which means there is no delay and all shots are taken at the same time.

pb_sv_sspath "" - This is where PB will send the screen shots and the helper html files. The default is "" ( empty ) and need not be specified if you want to keep the shots stored in the default PB screen shots folder.

pb_sv_ssheight 240 - The height in pixels of the screen shot. 240 is the default and the recommended value to maintain a good size while keeping file size and cpu usage at an acceptable level.

pb_sv_sswidth 320 - The width in pixels of the screen shot. 320 is the default and the recommended value to maintain a good size while keeping file size and cpu usage at an acceptable level.

pb_sv_ssSrate 1 - The sample rate ( quality ) of the shot captured. If set to "2" then only every second pixel is taken ( both horizontally and vertically. ) If set to "4" then only every fourth pixel is taken. This reduces file size and cpu usage but significantly reduces the picture quality as well, making it hard to prove those "close calls." Default is 1 and is recommended.

pb_sv_ssxpct 50 - Percentage ACROSS the screen where the center of the screen shot should be captured from. Default is 50 and is recommended to keep the screen shots centered.

pb_sv_ssypct 50 - Percentage DOWN the screen where the center of the screen shot should be captured from. Default is 50 and is recommended to keep the screen shots centered.

pb_ver - tells the PunkBuster version

pb_load - load a script of PunkBuster commands (untested)

pb_plist - list of all players on the server and their "PunkBuster status" (Unsure of what this means)

pb_power - list of all players on the server and the different PB status' then pb_plist

pb_kick # - # is the number of a player. Use "pb_power" or "pb_plist" to find the number. It needs 10 people to kick (vote) the player off the server for about 2-5 mins. The votes only count for one round like the regular kick.

pb_myguid - the "unique identifier" PunkBuster has assigned you for this server.

pb_sslog - controls whether any ScreenShots taken of you are logged to the System/pb/scrnshot directory. Default is 1 (yes).

pb_sssave - controls whether additional information is saved (?) whenever you are investigated (? again). Default is 0 (no).

pb_msgprefix - The prefix before any punkbuster messages. Default is "PunkBuster Client". You could change it to "PB Client", for example. (On ET you can apparently change the color, but I don't know how to do this in AA.)

pb_syste - apparently you m can change this (from 0 to 1 or vice versa) if you are having lockup problems

pb_lan - setting defaults to 0; when set to 1, PB will behave as though it has no internet access

pb_webupdate - command adds the PBWEB functionality directly into the PB client; PBWEB should no longer be required to manually update PB clients; PunkBuster will automatically issue this command when necessary to auto-update during gameplay before going into distress mode

pb_sv_maxConUpdates - setting defaults to 12; PB Server will not send updates to more than this number of clients simultaneously in an effort to cut down on update timeouts after a recent PB update

pb_sv_homepath - command to display PB's home path

23. PB Power Tips - Thanks to {WP}_Gedron for this
This is all about the PunkBuster Player Power System, a system similar to votekick. The only thing different about is certain people can have more weight to a votekick than others.

The cool thing is that certain players on their own server can be designated "Deputy" allowing them to remove players from their server (and ban them for 5 minutes[default]).

To do this:
1) Log in as admin
2) Type in the console pb_power and retrieve the player's slot number you wish to make a deputy.
3) Type in the console admin pb_sv_power XX 100 where XX=desired deputy player's slot number.

Nothing will come up in the console if done correctly.

It's good to do another pb_power to check that the right person got the correct votekick power.

Then, as that player (in the game), he can easily kick people without loging out and then re-loging in as admin.

To do this:
1) Open console
2) type pb_power and retrive desired player's slot number
3) type into console pb_kick XX where XX=kicked player's slot number

The player will be kicked from the server and will be banned for 5 minutes(default). This is usually good enough to keep the undesirables from ruining the game for your other players. They will typically get tired of waiting and go play somewhere else instead of waiting that long just to irritate you again.

The "deputy's" weighted kick will last until the server is rebooted.

The kick does not cause any honor loss to the player who is kicked. The message they get when being punted is a little missleading in that you might think he is loosing 100 experience points for being kicked, but actually that 100 refers to the 100 points of "deputy weight" that the kicker had.

The pb_sv_powerdef setting is used to set the number of power points allocated to players who are not in the local PB Player Power database.
Use the pb_sv_powermin setting to specify the number of power points required to be applied to a given player before that player is removed from
the game. The pb_sv_powerkicklen setting holds the number of minutes that players must wait before being allowed to rejoin when removed via
this facility. To completely disable this facility, set pb_sv_powerkicklen to 0.

24. Cool / Weird Things To Do
(the codes for this are above, use ctrl f then type in a part of it to find it)

Healing Yourself
If you are shot by the AI soldier in single you can heal yourself by summoning a person and then avataring into them. Then type in "mpcheat medic". Then walk over to your other person and heal them then type "avatar agp_characters.agp_character" to get back into your other body.

Different Soldier Weapons
You can give the opfor different weapons by summoning one. Then avatar into the soldier. Then use the "class x" or "mpcheat changeclass x" and get a different weapon. For the RPG7, AT4, or Shotgun summon it then pick it up. Then type "avatar agp_characters.agp_character" then the soldier will come to life on their own. When they become alive they get a crossbreed with the weapon that you gave them and the AK that they start with. An example is that if you give them the Shotgun it has a magazine and is auto with 30 rounds instead of 7.

If you summon some soldiers then do avatar into them then avatar back to your other body and you aim at the person they will have the tag of your name.

Coming Back to Life (sort of)
If you are killed by AI(you can do this before you are killed just incase you die and don't have any other guys summoned) then you can use the avatar command and go into the soldier. Then use the summon command and summon another character, civilain, ambient, or whatever. Then avatar into them and it's like you have a new life. Each person that you summon is kinda like one life. If you are close to the AI when you avatar to the other body either kill it right away or use the "killpawns" command to get rid of it(and all other summoned guys).

Flying From AI Fire
When u summon a soldier and he starts shooting at you jump around a bit. If you are killed in the air you go flying back until you hit something. If you don't have god on, you will most likely die.

25. Previously Working/Disabled Commands
("show x" to turn any on again where x is the second part of the command used)
show fog - To turn off fog
show coronas - To turn off lights
show particles - To turn off particles (i.e. smoke)
show projectors - To turn off damage skins, shadows, etc.
show radii - To show hit radii for grenades?
show sky - To turn off sky
show staticmeshes - To turn off objects
show terrain - To turn off terrain.

stat anim - Shows where animations come from.

rmode X (1-9)
1) Wireframe
2) Blue Surfaces, Zone/Portal mode
3) Pastel Surfaces, Texture Usage Mode (this only shows texture usage on BSP geometry)
4) White Surfaces, BSP Cuts Mode
5) Standard, Dynamic Light Mode (this is the normal in game mode)
6) More Intense, Textured Mode
7) No Textures, Lighting Only Mode
Cool Solarized, Depth Complexity Mode
9) Much More Intense, More Textured Mode

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