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Shameless Plug: Interview with author Carole McDonnell
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PostPosted: 18 Oct 2010 03:16:55 pm    Post subject: Shameless Plug: Interview with author Carole McDonnell Reply with quote

I asked if I could interview Carole McDonnell, author of Wind Follower, and she agreed. She's a delightful person to me because she says what she thinks, and that can be a little provocative. I found her perspective challenging, refreshing, and fun:

AC: I was introduced to Wind Follower by strong (and diverse) word-of-mouth raves from all sides, from people I know and respect, from total strangers, and from everyone else in between. From my limited vantage, it appears to be hit across a broad spectrum of readers. When you were writing the book, did you have any idea it would be as widely embraced despite the apparent barriers?

CM: It's widely embraced??? Neat! See, I didn't know that. Knowing this will knock a chip off my shoulder. Or maybe it'll make the chip a little smaller.

So I thought: White Christians will be offended at it because they believe the USA was given to them by God; Many Black Speculative Fiction writers will be offended because they dislike Christianity (the religion of the white oppressor etc) and would rather a book be about African Spirituality or totally atheistic or agnostic; Fantasy lovers are accustomed to Wicca, elves, Norse religion, etc but not Christianity; Christian fantasy lovers are used to apocalyptic stuff like Left Behind, Narnia, or Lord of the Rings. I was putting some new world before them that they would have to accept-- something they would probably be challenged by.

But I also felt that it wasn't typical and if people gave it a chance it would do well. Some White folks don't want to read Black Fantasy or Sword and Soul because the world is strange to them. They're used to vampires, shape-shifters, elves and the like. But they're also afraid they'll be stuck with accusatory or "meaningful" literature a burden from college and high school when Black stories were read to enlighten the white student about oppression and not really for fun. And few secular fantasy readers won't pick up fantasy about Christ unless it's something like Philip Pullman's The Good Man Jesus and The Scoundrel Christ. They're afraid of being preached at. But I thought. . . well, Wind Follower is a little different and one day Chupacabras from Mexican folklore, Asian spirits, and Arabian djinns will make fantasy more multicultural. And one day having a Christian worldview in a fantasy story (written by someone who actually believes in the Bible and Jesus) might be acceptable.

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